HBCU Student Once Abducted From Campus Now Owns a Thriving Black-Owned Real Estate Firm

During her sophomore year at college, Lisa Grant was abducted at gunpoint near a female dorm at Hampton University in Virginia. As the perpetrator asked for directions, he forced her into the car, held a gun to her head, and drove off campus. Lisa pled for her life and jumped out of the moving car onto a busy highway.

Fast forward, Lisa received her Master of Science Degree from Charleston Southern University and in 2021 was named a Top 40 under 40 by Charleston’s Regional Business Journal. Now, as the founder and CEO of See Wee Homes, she is among the most prominent group of women who are opening real estate brokerages across the Southeast region.

One of the things that set See Wee Homes apart from other firms is the home decor retail storefront located within the real estate firm. It’s an innovative way to combine both of her passion (real estate and home decor) and it will surely be a game changer for the real estate industry. Located at 8636 Dorchester Road, the real estate firm features handcrafted mosaic and Peruvian artwork, banana bark craft from Tanzania, handmade textile throw pillows from Turkey, and local Charleston-made home goods.

She comments, “Being a victim of a crime is stressful and at times my anxiety level is still unmanageable, decades later. I am a servant leader and helping others is the way I help myself.”

Learn more at SeeWeeHomes.com

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, See Wee Homes has been in business since 2016 and is a member of the National Association of Realtors and Charleston Trident Realtor Association. Committed to helping folks meet their real estate goals and find their dream home, See Wee Homes is real estate done right. Founder and owner, Lisa Grant is an alumnus of Charleston Southern University with a Master of Science degree and has won multiple accolades including the Charleston Realtor of Distinction award. An author as well, Lisa won the Independent Press Award for her children’s book entitled Maria Patia.

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