Father Surprises His 4 Children With Their Very Own ATM Business

Meet William Moxey, a 34-year old serial entrepreneur and father of 4 children from Florida, who is making national headlines for surprising his children with their very own ATM business called QuickBuxNow. He says that he wants to teach his children the importance of money management and responsibility!

At an early age of 12, Moxey has already had the knack for business, thanks to his mother who he looked up to for owning and managing a salon since he was born. He began with selling stuff like CDs, t-shirts, and sneakers until he started venturing into different businesses such as a wallet company, a hookah lounge, nightclubs, and events space, among others.

Wanting to teach his 4 children, ages 16, 13, 11, and 6, the values of money management and financial freedom, he thought of giving them an ATM machine business. He educated himself on the ins and outs of the business first before finally surprising his children, whom he views as his business partners, with their new business.

The children spend around 5 hours a week working on their respective roles in their business. The two older boys are the ones responsible for loading and unloading the machine, installations, and activating and programming them. Moxey’s 11-year old daughter acts as the accountant who keeps track of the accounts to know which machines need reloading. The youngest one serves as Moxey’s assistant manager, helping make sure everything is in order.

Currently, QuickBuxNow has ATMs in two locations in Orlando, Florida. The first ATM is located in one of Moxey’s mother’s three hair salons. The second one is located in a barbershop. He hopes to one day teach other families how to own an ATM business as well.

“It’s very important to teach our kids financial freedom now,” Moxey told Atlanta Black Star. “Teach them about credit, teach them how important it is.”

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