Two Cousins Launch Black-Owned Academy and Entrepreneurship Bootcamps to Help 10,000 Minorities Start a Business

Meet Dovév Weaver and his cousin, Elliot Martin, the co-founders of Closer To Our Dreams LLC, a business development and marketing consulting company based in St. Petersburg, Florida, that is on a mission to help 10,000 aspiring Black entrepreneurs successfully launch a business this year. Their company will be mentoring and coaching success-oriented individuals for 12 weeks through their Dreams to Reality Academy, and also taking their entrepreneurship bootcamps to ten states across the country.

Dovév, popularly known as Coach D, has reiterated his commitment to inspiring the masses to start going after their goals and dreams daily. He and his team at Closer To Our Dreams LLC (C.T.O.D.) have grown in popularity in recent times, helping people from all walks of life to reach their full potentials by personifying the experience. In fact, they have mastered the art of helping different categories of clients – including organizations, schools, students, and adults to go after their dreams with passion.

Even more, everyone who he mentors is given access to the same law firm, accounting firm, and government contracting company of C.T.O.D., as well as tickets to upcoming events.

His cousin, Elliot, who is co-founder of the company, says, “When we launched our business, our goal was always to be a Global company. Our focus is on helping as many people as we can live life on their terms.”

Coach D says, “Our goal at Closer To Our Dreams is to close the wealth gap between minorities and give people access to information that has been hidden from the masses for decades. We won’t stop until everyone knows about entrepreneurship. We want our company to be the number one resource when someone wants to start a business.”

“Millions of people across the globe often fail to live their dreams, a phenomenon that experts have attributed to limiting beliefs. Over the years, several initiatives and resources have been developed to help persons in such a situation. Unfortunately, many of such resources have abstract content that people can hardly relate with, ultimately failing to deliver the desired results. This is why our company was launched,” he adds.

For more information about the 1-on-1 coaching and other programs from Closer To Our Dreams LLC, visit

Also, be sure to connect with the brand on FacebookLinkedIn, as well as YouTube on Closer To Our Dreams TV.

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