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Wedding photos serve to not only capture your big day, but in the process become an everlasting memento. They’ll be iconic simply due to the subject matter, but when looking through photos that you’ll show your friends now or paging through an album years in the future, how do you want them to look?

Do you see them as being sharp and clear with typical poses or soft and romantic? Do you want to view an authentic collection of the community you brought together to celebrate, with the smiles of your guests natural and unguarded?

Choosing the right photography style for your wedding can be broken down by the vibe of your ceremony and the photos you envision.

Natural Light

Do you appreciate photos that reflect the realities of the moment, whether it’s cast in shadow or bright sun? Instead of camera flashes, these images are lit by available light. There’s a romantic softness to natural light, a style that’s especially great for an outdoor ceremony.


Do you anticipate future generations paging through your wedding photos? In your visions, do the wedding portraits look like the same familiar style and poses of other couples, but with you and your partner instead? For a family-centric wedding, traditional wedding style photography can tick all the boxes.


If your wedding is going for a more carefree vibe, candid photos may make the most sense. This style will capture your guests as they are with nary a pose in sight. There is an emphasis on the tender and genuine moments that occur naturally, rather than an emphasis of gathering together to strike certain groups and positions.

Fine Art

Are you looking to gaze upon your photos and see them represented in an artistic way? Fine Art photography styles feature edits that uplift and render your imagery beyond the reality of the day.

High Fashion

Are you looking to share your photos in a way that represents your ceremony as more than an event, but also a high fashion spread? Aside from seeking out a photographer that specializes in weddings, look for one that has fashion editorial experience and can depict you not only as a wedded person, but a model too.

Regardless of the style that you choose, make sure that you communicate fully in advance with your wedding photographer to attain the right imagery that fits your desires. His or her portfolio should already reflect this style in the images shown. And, if you’re looking for a mix of styles, that’s fine to ask for as well, as long as a second photographer can take care of additional photography requests and make your wishes a reality.

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