Founder of Largest Black Woman-Owned Construction Firm Celebrates 15 Years in the Industry

Meet Sashe Ivy, the founder of a Black woman-owned and Chicago-based construction firm called Pink Hard Hatz Construction, which aims to break barriers in the male-dominated industry while providing the best service to all its customers.

In her 15 years of experience in the construction and real estate industry, Ivy said she had often only seen men in the field. In fact, studies show women make up just under 11% of construction workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s when Ivy decided to step and create the change.

“I was sitting in a meeting. Once again, it was all-male contractors. And I thought about how females can do this,” Ivy told ABC 7 News.

Ivy then founded her own full-service, bonded construction company called Pink Hard Hatz Construction. She makes sure she is hands-on in every project and that she personally oversees the job from start to finish. Currently, Pink Hard Hatz is the largest female minority construction company in Chicago.

“I always have work coming because what I’m finding out is that people, especially women and seniors, want to see a woman. They’re tired of being taken advantage of,” Ivy said.

Moreover, Ivy teamed up with Chicago Women in Trades, a nonprofit aiming to get women involved in various trade careers. Together, they hope to have a lasting impact on women across society.

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