23-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur Owns Her Own Poultry Farm, Egg Prices Not a Concern

Meet Ramokone Sannah Kwakwa, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of New Dawn Poultry Farm which sells fresh chickens and eggs at affordable prices. Despite the increasing prices of eggs around the world, it has not become a problem for her.

In 2020, Kwakwa had just started college at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in South Africa when the pandemic hit and classes on campus were canceled. While staying at home, the idea of poultry farming first came to her as she stumbled upon some YouTube videos about it. She ended up watching a lot of those videos and decided to try chicken farming herself.

Kwakwa pooled her own money and started the business in the vacant garage space at their house. With the practical skills she developed herself, she has been doing everything from raising chickens and collecting eggs to installing electrical cables and fixing the coops.

The New Dawn Poultry Farm offers both live and slaughtered chicken direct from the farm. They also sell table eggs, chicken manure, wood shavings, firewood, and mango achaar, and they are aiming to expand their product line. Kwakwa makes sure to provide the best service at an affordable price, which led to having many loyal customers.

Moreover, she also shares her journey and experiences in poultry farming on social media. She currently has over 46,000 followers on TikTok and one of her videos showing her at work has nearly 1.7 million views.

To learn more about her farm, follow her on Facebook @TheNewDawnPoultryFarm

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