Three Sisters Open 1st Black Woman-Owned Beauty Supply Store in Buffalo

Three sisters from Buffalo, New York, have made history with the launch of The Hair Hive – the first Black woman-owned and operated beauty supply store in the area.

Founders Brianna Lannie, Danielle Jackson, and Lauren Jackson started their business out of frustration with the lack of products that would fit the needs of Black women. They heard a lot of stories from their friends about it and even had experienced it themselves.

“A lot of times they’ll get the wrong thing or they’ll be led in the wrong direction, so I knew that it was a need,” Brianna told WIVB.

Even though Black women are considered one of the leading consumers of beauty and hair supplies, only 7% of the industry is owned by Black women. The trio then decided that they should cash-in on the billion-dollar beauty supply industry.

“We literally wear the hair. I change my hair like every month, so it’s good to see people who are actually using the products and using the hair,” said Danielle.

Backed-up by a non-profit organization, The Hair Hive recently launched its storefront at Buffalo. They are offering a variety of products for men and women.

“We have a lot of variety of colors, just a wide spectrum from glow in the dark hair, to sparkle hair, pretty much anything you can think of that’s different we have it in our store because we want to give something to our community that they can’t get anywhere else,” said Lauren.

Moreover, The Hair Hive has an initiative that gives back to the community by featuring products from local entrepreneurs. Also, they arranged for a program wherein every dollar spent in their store goes back to the community to support the neighborhood they grew up in.

For more information about The Hair Hive, visit their store at 1413 Fillmore Avenue Buffalo, NY 14211 or follow them on Instagram at @TheHairHiveBuffalo

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