The Creators of the Black Foodie Finder App Have Acquired

Black Foodie Finder, a popular app database of Black-owned eateries and restaurants, has acquired to bring about a more solid relationship and interaction among Black chefs, kitchen managers, caterers, and restaurant owners. is an online platform that is known for connecting black people that provide various culinary services and providing a virtual platform for people to request their services. Users can find the services of Black chefs, caterers, bartenders, recipe developers, and more culinary services rendered by black people. The platform is very effective in connecting black chefs, bartenders, recipe developers, kitchen managers, and black restaurant owners. This is why Black Foodie Finder, in an attempt to expand the support of black culinary services, made the acquisition with a view to ensuring more collaboration.

The acquisition was done with the intention to promote each of the various culinary services on the site. This will be accomplished by promoting their services on the site itself, by promoting their social media pages, and by lending a voice to boost their credibility on the social media pages of Black Foodie Finder, which has about 400K+ followers.

In addition, Black Foodie Finder hopes to promote the various black people, who work in black-owned restaurants as kitchen managers, bartenders, and restaurant owners, by allowing these groups of black individuals offering various culinary skills to run ads on their app called “Black Foodie” to increase their reach and online presence. This enables the various black restaurant owners and black individuals to offer one or more culinary skills to further extend their reach and create more awareness for their businesses.

Moreover, the acquisition is also aimed at promoting unity among black people in the business world, especially in the restaurant business. The unity of black business owners — the restaurant business inclusive — in the United States is crucial to the continued existence of these black businesses. This is why the acquisition is a step in the right direction as it is believed to build a strong bond between black business owners in the restaurant business, thereby giving them a strong voice that can be heard in places that matter.

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Black Foodie Finder is available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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