Black Female Accountant Featured in Forbes Magazine Twice For Helping to Grow 1,000 Minority-Owned Businesses

For more than 20 years, Robin Boyd, founder and CEO of Essential Accounting Consultants based in Cleveland, Ohio, has been transforming Black-owned businesses into million-dollar enterprises by helping them implement strategic tax strategies that corporations utilized to accelerate business growth.

Since corporations have tax attorneys and accountants on staff, they are well aware of dozens of tax credits that reduce their expenses, which effectively allow them to recover lost revenue and repurpose resources for business growth, profit, or asset purchases. By bringing strategic solutions to the table, she has helped over 1,000 business owners to create a 5-year financial growth plan that is rooted in tax reduction, financial transparency, and accelerated revenue growth.

Robin has dedicated her career to showing businesses owns how to transform and elevate their business to another level by bringing the mindset, organizational structure, and business acumen. Stepping in and providing fractional CFO Services to small business owners allows companies to gain the expertise and experience of a fortune 500 C-Level executive who can provide the direction needed to scale a business through common barriers that hold our businesses back from revenue growth.

Often, to reach the next level in business, company leaders need to pivot and shift their focus to clientele who best align with their business model and revenue objectives. Clear financial statements & customized reporting help make it clear what financial decision best drives an organization. Additionally, Robin has helped companies quickly scale their revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars by securing government contracts at the local, state, and federal levels. Getting a minority-owned business certification such as 8a, MBE, WBE, and DBE is a real difference maker and allows clients to achieve the success they strive for.

Through her company, Essential Accounting Consultants, Robin provides a business advisory service to help her clients navigate through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Helping small businesses establish a strong foundation often starts with improving the owner’s personal credit so that they can subsequently establish their business credit. Budgeting expenses, managing cash flow and forecasting allows her clients to plan and have a clear picture of where their business is headed. Robin has helped companies during the growth and acquisition phase, as well as businesses that are seeking a business valuation to develop an exit strategy.

She has helped black businesses thrive in the following areas:

• Implements an enterprise-level finance structure to help businesses with planning and decision-making.

• Improve personal credit & establish business credit and access to lending/financing opportunities.

• Gain government contracts and increase their revenue with a 5-year plan

Robin comments, “If you have not gained your first million-dollar revenue year, you will. If you want to reach 10 million in revenue, we can help you implement the structure and strategy to achieve it.”

For more details, call (216) 202-4194, send an email to or visit her company’s official website at to learn how your business can benefit from their services.

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